Mechanical hand

Mechanical fingers in relaxed position.

This is a work in progress, but I'm not sure when I will continue on the project...

I feel I never got the hang of modelling "organic" objects, so when I wanted to try modelling a hand, I went with a mechanical version.

Some sketches and trial and error later, I found a look I could work on; not so straight lines I first imagined, and I even added "nails". The joints were redone several times before I actually got a working solution, getting them in a shape that could actually work. I used an x-ray image of a hand to place the joints in natural positions.

As the fingers was in their initial positions, I had not made up my mind how I wanted the palm and wrist to look, and how I wanted to connect the fingers. That's why I just stopped and began playing with armatures (bones) instead. I wanted to be able to curl the fingers to different positions and after trying out a few tutorials (this one by CG Cookie was helpful), followed by a couple of frustrating mistakes, I got a flexible hand.

I placed the hand in a more relaxed position and added some environments to help show the model. I pushed the samples of area lights, reflections and not-full-gloss material way up to get a better result. If I sometime will use this hand in an animation, I better reduce those quite a bit. The 1920x1080 image took 52 minutes to render on a 6-core 3.2GHz AMD.



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