Based on a pun in Norwegian; "Pi" is the same 3.14... we all know, and "stol" translates to "chair". A "pistol" is the same as in English.


As it seemed impossible to type a π directly into Blender, I traced an imported image instead. The horizontal part was extruded for a seat, and the vertical parts were extruded and duplicated to form the chair legs. The modelled the upper part, and used a little time modelling a π cut-out in the back.

I deepened the seat a bit, and "subsurfed" everything. The first few renders looked somewhat OK, but I had to add some texture, even I didn't want to spend much time fine-tuning it.
A slightly reflecting floor and some area lamps was added, which made a huge impact on render time. I also added a "wall" to fill the empty background, also with very simple texture.

A small 800x800px render took 2:35 hours to render (with sample-settings on the lights and floor set pretty high). The larger one is clocked in at 15:13 hours.

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